What Is Latency In Trading? How Does It Impact Your Trading?

Ever since electronic trading came to be, time is of the essence. When using automated trading platforms, this becomes even more important since a trading bot such as Fincrowd App will be able to carry out your trades only if it has the right information, especially about time.

Understanding latency

In the vast and complex world of the financial markets, latency is defined as the delay in time that occurs between a request and response. This is going by the dictionary definition of the word itself. When it comes to the markets, latency is defined as the time it takes for a trader to interact with the market.

When information is received and a trader acts on it in a timely and efficient manner, the latency factor comes into play. This is purely because when trading during the day, timely action on a signal will impact the amount of money you stand to make. This can be managed by an automated trading app such as Fincrowd App.

Since online trading has grown exponentially, trading apps and bots will give traders a huge advantage over others. In order for a trader to gain the maximum from this, a trader has to be able to quantify latency so that he has high odds of success.

How To manage latency in today’s markets

These days the exchange of information is instant. It is imperative that for the markets to function with the same speed that information is passed out, the one thing that has to be managed is latency. Any surplus latency has to be managed so that every trading operation is running at its optimum capacity.

Latency in market information shows up in the following areas:

  • Servers of brokerage firms
  • Internet speeds
  • Software and hardware of clients and customers
  • The servers of exchanges

Since information transmission is measured in milliseconds, and this information is passed on to a trader via a trading platform, latency in the markets and trading occurs from the time the information is relayed to the time it is received.

A lot of the factors that create latency are out of a traders control. It is impossible to go to a central exchange and upgrade their servers so that information comes out quicker. However, it is possible to reduce latency from a trader’s end by acting on the information as quickly as possible. The faster one responds to information the more profitable one’s trades will be.

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Enter the world of trading and meet the buy and hold traders

Enter the world of trading and meet the buy and hold traders

This won’t be an article about short-term trading or any market that focuses on that. This time, we will skip over binary options, binary options robot and other things that help the short-term traders. No, this time, we will talk about long-term trading. When we say long-term, we are talking about people that buy shares and hold them for years. What advantages this kind of trading has and who are the people that do this are the subjects of this blog.

Benefits of this type of the investment

A deal like this is more of an investment than a trade as the trader keeps the stocks for years before they even consider the possibility of a sale. This passive form of the investment focuses on stocks from major companies. A trader of this type will not invest in a new company as its stocks don’t have their true value at that moment.

sell-buyThere are only several trades per year for a buy and hold trader. That means the amount of the commission is very small. But this type of trading also has a positive impact on portfolio management and the risk of compulsive trading. People who enter these long-term deals spend the majority of their time on research and the analysis of the stocks. file_1They don’t rush into the deals as their investments get locked as stocks for a long period in which they gain very little to nothing.

Other parties on the market spend a lot of time on the daily price movements. A party that invests in these deals doesn’t need that info. The stocks they buy will be in their possession for a year or longer, and daily changes in the price mean nothing. Even in the research and analysis phase the info from that kind of price movement observation is insignificant.

Additional benefits of the long-term trading

The owner of the shares gets the opportunity to earn money through dividends. If the shares they bought give them the right then they will gain predetermined payouts that correspond with the growth of the dividends. swing-trading-strategyOther buy shares that provide them with payouts according to the number of shares they hold. The difference between these two income sources is in the extent of rights they provide to the investors.

Some parties, mainly big companies, use the stock market as another way to evade tax. This isn’t anything illegal, as they invest the money as any other actor on the market. With the investment in the stocks, they avoid capital gains taxes. All along the way, their shares generate a small income. If we combine that with the money they save through evasion of those taxes, we can see the real extent of their profit.

contactusThe good thing about this “buy and hold” strategy is that it works. If you perform the research right then, the chances of a loss go to a minimum. You will profit from this trade, the only thing you require is the starting capital and a lot of patience.


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Day and pattern day traders

Day and pattern day traders

Working through all of the types of traders you can find on a market would be impossible. Every type has its distinct investment plan, and they keep to it at every moment. Then there are slight variations within each of those types, creating additional subgroups. You might think that this is overcomplicating the simple things, but on the contrary, this is a simplification of a complicated trading structure.

A trader that doesn’t belong to a type is a trader who doesn’t have a long-term plan. But, some would argue, even various experienced traders use short-term trades in their investment plans. Well, those trades do belong to a long-term strategy, and we will explain one or two of those.

Breakdown of the day traders

26445886043_dfbd81ea9b-300x200A trader that both buys and sells an option within a day falls in this group. Those that perform all of their trades within 24 hours are the people we call day traders. Turning the option over before the end of the day keeps them away from market gap downs which might have a negative influence on longer expiry dates. People that make this group are the speculators. We can discern two subtypes:

    Retail traders use their own and the funds of other people in their deals. They come in the form of financial managers and advisors, and then some experienced traders form groups that funnel the money to them. In any case, these traders use extended funds to generate profit for themselves and their benefactors.

experience–    Institutional day traders are the employees of various financial institutions. They don’t have their capital, but they have access to enormous capital and various tools from their employer. A trader like this has a large team that works behind him. People do their research; other analyze the data those people collected and at the end the institutional trader picks the favorable trade and invest the capital in it. All of these advantages give the edge to a trader, and it also reduced the risk of a loss.

Pattern day traders – What do they do?

This type of the party keeps their trade limited to one asset. They invest in that asset over four times a day, and they keep that going for days. A person who does this takes on a huge risk, as the asset doesn’t have enough time to move.

6358836359815051543628670To reduce the risk, the individuals that use this strategy utilize the margin and the leverage to increase their return. Increasing the return margin through the leverage increases the risk as well as potential profit from a deal. Clever investors use software to increase the chances of a win. Software like Online Wealth Markets gives the crucial info to the investor and it reduces the risk with which the trader enters the deal.

The primary skill a pattern day trader needs is the patience. This is a game in which a large number of small returns beats the high risk-big return trades. If you aren’t able to be patient and satisfied with small wins, then you won’t be able to trade in this style.

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Why is the options market so popular?

Why is the options market so popular?

Indeed, why? Some attribute that to various advantages over stock exchange, and others love the fixed risk and return. But the vast majority of the parties work in this market due to the variety of tools it provides. Indeed, the number of different tools that can alter the investments is high, and that creates a chance of a high return. Some tools help the player to make a profit in a highly volatile market. Other tools assist in the trading on a market that has no volatility. The variety of choices the trader has is great, and that is one of the things that attract both speculators and hedgers.

Some basic benefits of the Options market

jump-into-the-market-with-put-options-622x415An options trader is always aware of the potential loss, the risk percentage and the amount they might lose. And they are also fully aware of the profit, the return percentage and the risk versus reward chances. A standard trader will limit the amount they risk with basic investments. An experienced trader that hunts big profit will use leverage to increase their return. They will increase the amount they might lose for the potential gain that will be exponentially bigger.

boekhoudkantoor_six_diensten5A stock whose price doesn’t move in any direction can bring the profit to a trader on the options market. An investor has the choice to invest in options with underlying assets that stay at the same price level or even in the assets whose prices go down.

Hedging is the most common investment in the options market. The companies, corporations, and banks invest money in options to offset the possible losses on the stock exchange. Contrary to the popular belief, the majority of the money (total cash invested) in this market comes from hedging and not from speculators. Only about a 5 percent of all cash invested in the options belong to the speculators; everything else comes from many different companies.

Some other benefits of the Options market

acciones1-590x200Fees and other commissions are present on all markets, but they are the lowest on this one. High level of competition between numerous brokerages created an environment filled with discounts and very low trading fees. Instead of paying high commissions for every possible action, an options trader pays a fee only when his trade ends in plus. Even at that point, the fee is very low (going up to 20 percent in the most extreme cases).

acquisizione-dati-energy-manager-ca-monTo learn how to make trading even safer click here. Many strategies sprung around these programs and the work quite well.

Reducing a loss or even making a profit through the re-sale of the trade is an option as well. The trader has to buy the option and then wait for the change of the chances. Once that happens the win amount of the option shifts and a trader can sell that option to another individual, and retreat from the deal with a difference in prices also known as the premium. Some people specialize in this kind of exchange and only a small portion of them succeed in it.

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Options and their advantages over other exchanges

Options and their advantages over other exchanges

Every market has some advantages that attract people to that form of the exchange. Various traders join different markets because the advantages of that market correspond with their type of investment plan. Some of those pros are on the level of the different type of buying and selling. Other joins different markets for some smaller reasons. Options trading exchange has its pros that attract both individuals and companies alike.

Options market and its benefits

A stock market trader has to buy a stock and hold to it until the price goes in a favorable way. This doesn’t guarantee the profit as the amount of movement determines the amount of the return. When a buyer buys an options stock, they do not buy the actual asset. They buy the right to trade it which will be executed at the predetermined point in the future.

The state of the market doesn’t matter on this market. A smart trader will generate profit in any market, whether it is up, or down, or sideways. This isn’t possible in normal stock exchange.

The potential for the profit is high, and the amount of profit is easily manipulated. Several different tools increase the potential profit for the possibility of the greater loss. Other tools limit the potential loss to more manageable numbers.

financial symbols coming from handAn options trader can increase the amount of profit through the employment of different strategies at the same time. This kind of trading uses the funds with high volatility, which they trade on broad market indexes. Highly competent traders use this kind of trading as the primary source of income.

Some assets are in a state of a stalemate – their price doesn’t jump outside of the certain range. This kind of an asset is atrocious for the stock market. People that purchase the stock can’t turn it into the profit as price never goes up. The trader that has this kind of asset lives in constant fear of the loss aka price going down. Careful resource and strategy management are the skills that an option trader needs to earn money in a market like that.

Some other benefits of the Options market

42a0d67539c52a69726d5f28b23eb1aeSome of the advantages of options exchange aren’t highly significant to some people, but experienced traders earn they share due to them. The ability to take advantage of a high volatility that follows an event is one of those Pros. The direction in which the price will rush is irrelevant, as the options trader can generate profit in both cases.

short-term-loan-software-1Making money through two assets from the same industry and using two contrary options is only available on this market. Buying the option for the security that outperforms and selling it for the stock that underperforms, and earning money in both cases. Even if one of those trades fails, the other is there to negate the loss.

The amount of the software on the internet for options trading is high. Top 10 Binary Demo website is a good example that is available for every person that is interested in online trading.


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Insight into options trading

Insight into options trading

You have all heard about binary options from numerous adverts. But did you know that there are other forms of options and other markets where traders can use this type of security? Many of you were probably unaware of this due to the low level of marketing they get. But yes, there are other options, and you can find them on different markets, including the stock market. Due to that many traders mix options with stock trading. But these two types of exchanges are different on so many levels.

Trading stocks are rather simple, as you become the owner of the asset you purchase. The asset may be a commodity or a stock aka a small ownership of the company, but in the end, you own something. Options trading is a bit more complicated.

Options trading in a nutshell

thinking-ideas-ssOnce again we have to say that people mix two types of exchanges that involve options. On one hand, we have binary options that give the trader two options for a trade. Trading these is very simple, you either lose your investment, or you earn a fixed profit. The market for this exchange is pretty wild, and it spawned many scammers. chart-1024x768It also led to the creation of a plethora of trading software, but most of those are scams as well. If you are interested in one of those programs, then try http://top10binaryapps.com/. It’s one of few legitimate tools that can enhance the trading experience and boost the return percentage.

“Normal” options give more choices to the traders. Rather than having only two choices, they provide multiple options that a trader can use and combine. A lot of parties, both individual and corporative, use this form of exchange. Some do it for the profit aka risking an investment and the possible loss to earn a return.

Parties that do this are the individuals, or as some call them – speculators. Corporate parties use this exchange for hedging – buying an option to hedge against the possible loss of an investment.

Big corporations, other companies, and even banks use options to reduce the risk of the loss or to reduce the possible losses to more manageable levels.

Strategies and other crucial aspects of the options exchange

The luck plays a small role in trading. There are no old and lucky rich men; there are only those that found an excellent way to make a profit.  Entering a market without a sound strategy will bring you nothing but a depletion of your resources. A good strategy is hard to make, but once you do make one, you generate a constant influx of money.

bu_librarybig_12Options are all about the choices you make, the underlying aspect, and volatility of the market as well as the length of the expiry time of the trade. Finding assets, which you can turn into profit, with different expiry dates is not an easy thing to do. Lengthy research and good data collection are just some of the tasks that a trader needs to finish. This knowledge helps him to decide when in the future will the price of an asset change and in which direction it will go.


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